Toilet training dead ahead!

I left the kids with a sitter and went to San Francisco for the day.  A doctor’s appt, nothing I want to discuss yet.  My husband relieved the sitter after lunch, and took the kids to the school where Nik gets speech therapy, twice a week.  He actually made it there with a minute to spare, which is immense, given he’s never been there before.  But I drew him a map.  Yes, I drew a map, with a legend and everything.  So how could he miss?!

I relieved him at 4, and he went off to a work meeting at a restaurant (how fun is that?).  He’s still out with his work buddies, and it is 9:30 right now. 

But the highlight of the day, and Pete doesn’t even know this yet: Nik wanted to pee in the toilet! 

Back story: we’ve never pressured him to toilet train.  Pete will let him watch while he’s going to the bathroom, and I think he watches while his little preschool buddies pee as well.  So I think he’s got a good idea.  But he’s never showed any interest before, and I didn’t want to start the ordeal (coz that is what it would be!) of toilet training with my semi-non-verbal son.

So I am getting the kids undressed for their bath.  Anju is trying to throw herself in headfirst while I am getting Nik’s clothes off.  So while I am wrestling with her, Nik is standing on the bathroom counter.  (He climbs onto the counter, I undress him, he gets to watch himself making faces…its all a big production.)  I keep calling to him to come down and get in the tub.  I finally turn around, and he is looking down at the counter.  I quickly look to see if it is wet, but it is dry. 

I ask him, “Do you want to pee?”


“Do you want to pee in the toilet?”


So I set up the step stool at the toilet, and he climbs up.  I open the lid, he holds his penis and aims. 

Nothing came out, but he certainly looked like he knew what he was doing!

We’ll try again when we wake up in the morning.

A good day.


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