The young turk.


My son loves his lattes.  He was introduced to coffee by my husband’s mother, who was very proud to convert yet another grandchild over.  I then let him try my vanilla latte from Starbucks…and a young starbuckian was born

So after every speech or occupational therapy session, it became our little ritual…we would go to Starbucks, and I would order a grande, percent, vanilla latte for me and a short, 120 decaf vanilla latte for him.  [the 120 is the temperature: warm, not steaming hot!]  He would walk out to the car drinking it, temporarily give it up for the ride home, and then pick it up again to drink it on the mat inside the front door of our house.

He gets very upset if his coffee moment is disrupted.

My young turk.


One thought on “The young turk.

  1. My 9 year old son begs for lattes. I don’t drink them myself so I never give in to his begging. Instead I’ve got him addicted to iced tea. Like mother, like son. What a nice treat for you and your beautiful boy.

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