We visited a pumpkin farm on Saturday.  Got a late start, and we didn’t leave the house until 2:00.  But it ended up being the perfect time to visit.  A lot of families were leaving, so we got parking right next to the entrance, and got to explore without too many people around.  We saw brand new little piglets, born that afternoon, still with birth matter around them, umbilical cords hanging.  Just darling.  They were blind, rooting around for milk.  Nik just loved them.  Kept asking to go back to the pigs. 

We took the kids around in the wagon, Anju’s first time in one, and she just loved it.  I took her out of it once to let her get close to the goats, but she just climbed back in.  All four-legged animals were “DOG” to her.  In a loud screech, with frantic pointing, causing everyone around to look at her and smile.

We rode the little train around the farm, saw a pig race (so cute!) and picked out our pumpkins from the vast fields. 

At the pig race, we saw a family with two boys and a girl sitting a few rows away.  After a while, the dad followed one of the boys (around 10 yrs old) away from the stands.  Then the next thing we saw, was the boy running to the fence around the race tracks, trying to climb over.  The dad pulled him away, and then motioned to the family to pack it in.  Pete and I looked at each other…on the spectrum, said our faces.  We tried to extrapolate Nik’s behaviour to see if we could imagine him doing this one day.

Right now, he’s cute and lovable.  A lot of his “quirks” are overlooked by others who excuse them due to age and cuteness.  But what about when he gets older?  What then?  That’s where the ABA comes in.  We are praying that this is going to be the key to help Nik cope with his outbursts, attention, and other ticks.

Anyway…he was great all afternoon.  He followed us around the pumpkin fields, pointing out the various pumpkins he wanted us to pick and tried to carry one back to the wagon.  We tried to get him on a pony, but got there too late..they were closed for the day. 

So we packed it in, paid for the pumpkins and headed back home for pizza, baths, and bed. 

A good day.


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