Today’s post brought to you by the letter “N”

Breakfast this morning was creme brulee french toast (my friend Rachel’s recipe from our Bodega Bay getaway weekend).  The kids loved it.  But since it is a little (!) rich, I didn’t expect Nik to eat it all, and sure enough, he had a few pieces left on his plate, which he was moving around with his fork. 

I usually give Anju his leftovers, coz she’s my little garbage can.  But I have to check with him first if its okay.  Or he will have a blue fit.

Me: Are you all done?

Nik: No!  It’s a enna!

Me: What?  Are you still eating?

Nik: No! It’s a enna!

Me (getting frustrated): ARE YOU ALL DONE?  Can I give this to Sissy?


Me (lightbulb going off): OH!  It IS an “N”!!!  Good job!!

He had moved the pieces of french toast around on his plate and shaped an “N.” [a mirror image, but it still counts!]

So of course I took a photo of the enna.

And called Pete down from upstairs to look. 



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