Artist in Residence: The Early Years.

[Note: click on the pics to see the full photo] 

At first, it was just random scribbling in a small portion of the paper.  Then it graduated to this, random all-over scribbling, with a couple of different colors.


Here we see a focused coloring in the eyes, tail, tip of tusk, toenails.


This one has awareness of the volcano.  Notice the yellow lava, spewing from the top, and going down the side of the mountain.


This one is interesting because he has used different colors for the two animals: primarily burgundy on the left (with pink knees!), and green on the right.  I guess if you wanted to get gory, you could say that the dino on the right has chomped on the left dino’s knees, hence the pink teeth and mouth (!)


Looking forward to his next studies in art.


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