Game Review: Bikokabrac

Game: Bikokabrac.  Made by Djeco. 

Description: A really well made game consisting of 18 blocks, made of a stiff posterboard which is then covered in high quality patterned paper.  The blocks are all different sizes and shapes, and each side, including the insides on some open blocks, is covered with funky and fun child-like drawings of animals, street scenes, plants, mealtime and bath time scenes, rooms in a home, car, etc. 

Object of Game: Take turns stacking the blocks, and avoid making the tower fall.  The neat part is that some of the blocks can fit inside others, and invariably a neat diorama is created.

Skills:  Turn taking, spatial awareness, strategy, vocabulary building.

Nik’s play:  My son tends to play out little scenarios with the blocks.  The little man takes a bath, then he has dinner, then he takes a shower, then he goes to bed, the dog goes into the doghouse, and so on.  He also loves to stack the blocks and then knock them down.  Sometimes his sister will beat him to the knockdown, and that just makes it more fun!  I bring this game out when I want to practice turn-taking, spatial awareness, and vocabulary building with Nik.  As he doesn’t see it very often, he really enjoys playing with it, and we can get a good half hour of play in before he moves on to something else.

This toy gets 3 Tortoises.


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