I want coffee, Mommy?

Oh yeah…that is what he said.  We were driving on the freeway, and we passed an exit with a signpost with the usual gas/food/hotel info.  But this one also had the ubiquitous Starbucks logo.  A small logo, but there it was.

And of course, Nik saw it. 

And I waited for it, and sure enough, from the backseat comes a small voice:

“I want coffee, Mommy?”

Because I am that mother who takes her children to Starbucks to hang out.  We go after a speech or OT session, and I get whatever strikes my fancy (currently a grande gingerbread latte) and Nik gets either a short decaf version of that, or a short decaf 120 vanilla latte.  Sissy gets her Sigg (with water) and a cookie or a croissant (she LOVES croissants.)

And I get some peaceful moments spent with children who behave themselves and stay close to me.  No, really.  It’s true.  They are so used to going, they know the routine down pat.  I used to take a toy to distract Nik, but now I don’t even need that.  It’s pretty nice.


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