The Little Tortoise!

I started a business called – wait for it-


The Little Tortoise!


The Little Tortoise is focused on the developmental needs of children.  I search for toys that enhance children’s speech, language and fine motor development through fun activities that engage them and spark their interest in learning.  The idea for The Little Tortoise was “hatched” shortly after my son, Nik, was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In looking for toys that would stimulate him, I quickly realized that I could not depend on the big-box retailers.  The latest fads and trendy character-driven toys were momentarily appealing to Nik, but he soon discarded them. I searched for high quality purposeful toys that were beautiful, versatile, and which would sustain inspired play and learning over time.  It was not easy, and there were a lot of trials and errors.  That was when I realized that other parents and children could benefit from my research. 

Everything at The Little Tortoise is hand selected by me.  I seek toys and games that are lovingly designed and crafted and have a timeless appeal.  Each toy that I have selected has also been reviewed by speech therapists and clinical psychologists.

The website is up, but not fully functional yet.  I am working hard to get it up and running, but in the mean time, I have catalogs that I give to anyone interested. 

I am really excited about the great reception this is getting!  I made my first sale last Monday, and have had a couple of showings of my samples.  I will be hosting a table at my moms’ group’s Holiday Bazaar next week, so looking forward to that.

It has been a lot of fun getting this started, but now I have to keep it up! 


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