The King is dead

33m1.jpg Nik has always liked Disney’s The Lion King.  So have I; I saw the Broadway musical in Manhattan a few years ago (another business trip!)  But we had not watched it for a while, about 4 months.  And those 4 months have been filled with huge leaps in Nik’s language and vocabulary, and his understanding of concepts.

A couple of days ago, he brought me the movie and asked to watch “The King Lion.”  So I popped it in, waited for the opening credits (I love hearing that first call to dawn at the beginning…yes, I’m a geek), and then went back to working on my catalog. 

A little while later, Nik came up to me and snuck his warm hand into mine and said:

“The dad fall down.”

“Yes, Simba’s daddy, Mufasa, fell down.”

“Daddy fall down into the goats” (wildebeast are goats to Nik…can’t get him to change his mind on this!)

“Yes, Mufasa fell down”

“He climb the mountain.  Scar mad.  Dad fall down.  He save Simba.  He lie down.”

It almost made me cry, to hear him tell me this. 

“Yes.  Mufasa is lying down.”

“It’s sad.”

“Yes, it is.”

“He die.”

Wow.  I wasn’t ready for that.  But I went with it:

“Yes, Mufasa died.  But Simba still sees him in his mind, and he remembers him.”

“Okay, mom.”


One thought on “The King is dead

  1. Hello Bombay Girl!

    I just stumbled on your blog and this post made me want to comment!

    I don’t know how old your son is, but THAT is a pretty profound realisation to have to come to all by himself at that young (I’m assuming very young) an age. And the acceptance of how it works (or how it should work) after.

    You have cute kids!

    bombaygirl says: Thanks mscutepants! I don’t know how much of it he really understood, sometimes he repeats stuff he’s heard. But I like to think he understood…he really was sad about it. He talked about it for days! We haven’t watched “King Lion” since then. His choice.

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