Our Christmas Morning

Anju came downstairs, took one look at the lit tree with all the presents around it, and said: “Wow!”

Nik said: “Look at that!  Look at all the presents!”

And then the ripping of paper, and tossing of toys, and “Where’s the next present?” and “That’s mine!” and “Give it back!” (all from Nik) and crying (from Anju) and arguments (guess who?) and time-outs (hmmm?) ensued. 

Followed by my Apple Puff Pancake with homemade orange syrup, Bacon, and lots of Peet’s Garuda coffee.  Nik actually ate the pancake, even though he pushed all the apples off to the side.  Still. 

applepuff-relishmagcom.jpg [pic courtesy relishmag.com]

That was Christmas morning at our house.  How about yours?


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