I am a tiger.

So Nik is now into pretending he is a tiger.  No, he hasn’t heard of this one, poor thing.  He crawls around on the floor, stalking Anju.  Who gets a little nervous, laughs a little, and tries to get out of his way.  But there’s no escaping the Nik-tiger!

This morning, he roped me into becoming [myname]-elephant.  So there I was, waving my elephant trunk around, being chased by a Nik-tiger, who was growling in his tiger voice: I’m a tiger.  Growl.  Then Anju had to become the baby elephant.  It was all very cute.

Another step forward in Nik’s pretend play.  I am really encouraged by his development, lately.  [Despite the lack of ABA- the vendor we use seems to have a rotating-door policy for its tutors…no consistency, few hours, last-minute cancellations.  Not happy with them right now.]  But his social skills classes with a different agency are going really well…he looks forward to going, he talks about his friends by name (huge!). 


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