Holiday Cards

Why is it that some people wait until you send them a holiday card to send you one?  It gets to be this game of who can leave it to the last minute quite comical, because we don’t intentionally send our cards out late, I just don’t have my act together.  So I sent them out on Dec 17.  Most people got them on Dec 19.  I got a slew of cards in the return post, dated Dec 19.   I just got some from relatives in Chicago, dated Dec 29.  Of course, my husband (who’s relatives they are) said, but they are season’s greetings, so they can send them out through the end of January. Wha…?

Anyway, I’m going to try to time it even closer this year, and send them out on Dec 21 it’s the thought that counts, even though it is a tit-for-tat thought (say that fast 10 times!)


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