Got drenched

So high gale winds, rain coming down sideways, accidents everywhere we look, and Nik & I driving down the freeway, because, dammit, we are going to see the Dinosaur show.

It was great.  Nik called out all the dinosaur names, and even made up names for the ones he didn’t know: porcupine-dinosaur for a porcupine-looking dino (no, I don’t remember what it was called!) 

Then we couldn’t find our car.  So there we are, drenched, with hail coming down, walking through the parking lots, trying to find our g.d. car.  Finally, 20 minutes later, I saw it, and got Nik in.  He was such a trooper. 

Then 1.5 hrs in the car on the way home, because, again with the accidents, not us, and lots of occasions for hydro-planing. 

But so worth it.


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