Brief Respite

Last night was terrifying.  The winds were so strong I thought the windows would implode.  Really.  (I ran around closing all the blinds.  So that they would keep the glass from spreading everywhere.  Yes.  this is really how I think.)  The rain was beating on the house, and it sounded like continuous birdshot.  Or what that sounds like to my fevered imagination.

This morning, everything was calm.  Blue skies, puffy clouds, damp soil. 

Oh, and the odd uprooted tree.  The massive gas grill that was lying on its back.  The patio furniture which oddly enough, remained exactly in the same place as before (but which I know whirled around our house six times during the night.  Because I heard them thumping on the windows.)

And now, as I type this, the sky is grey.  The wind is picking up, and the dogs are whining.  I guess we are in for another storm.


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