Mom’s Night Out

I got a sitter, one that the kids love, and went with some fellow moms to a movie.  I wasn’t feeling that great (got the achy, flu-like symptoms, with chills) but Pete suggested I go anyway (in his words, “suck it up and go”) as I probably needed the break. 

And I am so glad I did!  A mom I only met a couple times, and who lives on my street, picked me up, and we had a fun conversation in the car on the way down.  Then at the restaurant, I met a few more moms, women I don’t know, and it was really nice.

We saw Juno.  Such a cute movie.  It didn’t end how I expected, and I liked that!  The lead actress was phenomenal.  And that guy from The Office (US version) was in the opening scenes…wish he had a bigger role. 

The kids were great.  As I was leaving, Anju had taken a book up to the sitter and was standing there, holding the book out to her to read.  So cute.  Said “bye” as I walked out. 


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