Sippy Cups!


We saw the Sippy Cups today, and were they ever so wonderful!  It was a co-production with JamJamJam, doing a fundraiser for a local school.  JamJamJam opened, and they were good, but the Sippy Cups were phenomenal.  There were huge balloons being tossed around the audience, streamers fell down at random moments, a guy did juggling, and random skits, and the singers/band was fantastic.  The kids really got into it, clapping, following the directions, etc.  Towards the end, Nik even ran up to the stage and leaned up against it, like the other kid groupies!  There was a kid-mosh pit, and we were in the third row center, so it was perfect.  Anju was bopping in the aisles…lots of fun.


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