Anju and I went to the library while Nik was at his social skills class.  While we were there, we both found books we liked in the “new books” section.  Anju hung on to her book for dear life and wouldn’t let go even when we went to the children’s area.  She managed to get books for me to read to her while holding on to her prized possession.  In the end, I had to check it out for her to avoid a scene at the library.  She carried it all the way to the car, got angry when I had to momentarily take it away to put her seatbelt on, took it in to Nik’s classroom, and back out again, and a repeat of the carseat scenario, until she finally fell asleep in the seat, holding the book close to her chest. 

What is this miracle book, one might ask.  What could possibly spark a little girl’s possessive urges to come to the forefront. 

Here it is:


People who know my secret reading pleasures will laugh out loud. 

Yes, I am a Mercedes Lackey fan.  I have all of her early fantasy series.  Yes, I re-read them about once a year.  No, I am not surprised that Anju found this and clung on for dear life.


One thought on “Reading

  1. That is sooo funny! I took one look at the book cover and laughed out loud!!! Like mother, like daughter (and aunt) 😉 😉

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