So I have let my work languish for the last month.  I have been paralyzed by decisions, and I was letting myself get caught up in penny wise, pound foolish matters.  Well, no more!

I was talking to my friend’s husband yesterday, and he asked what was going on with the website.  And I told him how paralyzed I was.  And he said, “Just start!  There are children everywhere that could benefit from your products, there’s a kid right across the street who I know could use some of your toys!  You need to get the site up and start selling, and then we can make it look pretty later.”

And then a therapist friend standing nearby said,” Can I offer some therapist advice?  Is the fact that you want it to be perfect holding you back?”

“YES!”  Oh my god, how did she know?!  And then she proceeded to tell me how common of an issue that is, and that it is easily resolved if you just confront it, and gave me some helpful tips, which I am definitely going to act on.

And I’ve already started. 



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