This afternoon, I watched Nik feed popcorn to his his toy lizard.

Nik: “Time to eat dinner! Here, try this.” He put some popcorn in the lizard’s open mouth.

Lizard: “Oh, ffffank you!”

Nik: “More popcorn?”

Lizard: “Mmmmm!”

Nik: “Bite down.  Eat”

Lizard makes chomping motions with his mouth.

Nik gets distracted by something, and Anju grabs the lizard, getting cream cheese all over its belly and feet.

Nik grabs for the lizard, I ask Anju to share, and she gives it right away to Nik.

Nik: “Gross!  It’s dirty!  I need paper towel!”

So I get him a sheet, he wipes the lizard. 

Then: “Time to wash his feet?”

So I wash the cream cheese off the lizard and give it back to Nik.

Who proceeds to feed him some more popcorn.


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