Anju in the spotlight

Anju’s first words:

Hi (to everyone she sees)


Kiki = Nikky

Anna  (our friends’ little 4.5 yr old girl, who she loves to follow around like a little duckling.) 

Yeshpleeesh = Yes, please (sometimes she gets lazy and says “eeesh”)

StoPPuh = Stop (usually to Nik trying to grab something out of her hand)


UP-puh = Up, please



Baba = her stuffed lambs

Oo-oo = her stuffed monkey

Nay-nay = her stuffed horse

DOG  (her first word, and for a while it was used for any animal on 4 legs)

Girl  (She will fill this word in when I sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” I switched girl for boy in the second last line) 

Sock = socks

Shoe = shoes 

Cah = car

wahwah = water



bauw = ball

Amm-uh = Amber, their babysitter

Gogo = Diego (Nikky called him that too!)

Awwah = Oswald

Dubbo = Dumbo


and her current favorite word du jour…..



4 thoughts on “Anju in the spotlight

  1. Aw How sweet! Reminds me of my little Amirah who is two years old. It seems all kids love that uh-OH! It’s nice when they are at the toddler stage and see how quickly they develope their language.

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