Their mother is a bombaygirl after all!

Genes will out!

My kids LOVE chutney sandwiches.*  Nik asks for it at lunch time every single day: “I want green chutney mommy?” 

When I say okay, they both run over to their little table, sit down, and wait.  Anju giggles and squirms and does a happy dance.  I cut their sandwiches into quarters, and Anju eats hers like anyone else would: picking up a quarter and eating it, then picking up another.

Nik, on the other hand, will separate the layers of one quarter, eat the top layer from the inside corner to the edges, then fold the edges in and stuff it into his mouth.  Repeat with the other layer.  Repeat with the other quarters.

Anju is done with her sandwich in about half the time he is.

When I find it, I will post a picture of me eating chutney sandwiches at one of my birthday parties. 

(* I omit the tomato and cucumber for the kids.  Nik won’t eat the veggies, and Anju has to have her sandwich just like Nik’s.)


3 thoughts on “Their mother is a bombaygirl after all!

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