Super Tuesday



and Mardi Gras…I am torn as to which is more important. 


So we are so on the ball here at the tortoise household.  A few years ago, I registered us as permanent absentee ballot voters.  So that we could have time to peruse the issues, and vote in the (relative) peace of our home.  And not have to go to the polling stations and deal with the traffic and waiting and general ineptitude that comes with volunteers manning the polling stations.

Yup…we were forward thinking, smart voters.

So yeah, I have the ballots in my hot little hands right now because:

1) I took forever to decide who I wanted to vote for, and that’s good because Edwards dropped out and my vote for him would have been a waste.

2) I was good and let my husband vote for himself instead of committing voter fraud helping him out by taking a stab at his ballot.  But he didn’t vote until Saturday night.

3) I didn’t trust the US Postal Service to get the ballots in by Tuesday (today.)

So now I have to get the kids (one very sick) in the car, drive around until I find a polling station, take the kids out of the car, walk in with them, hand over/drop off/ do whatever with the ballots.

But hey…now we can all get the “We voted!” stickers.

Which is nice.


 It ended up being pretty anti-climatic or as Nik would say, “what is the climax?!”

We drove down to one of the schools and saw a “Vote Here!” sign.  Pulled in, got the kids out, walked in, and handed over the absentee ballots.  The lady asked if we wanted the stickers and I said “Yes, two please.”

Nik put his sticker on his toy bird, and Anju stuck hers on her sweater.

Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and milk.


2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. I like both names. I had considered these names when I was searching for baby names. My mil said anjali (to match ashwin) could be nicknamed anj-eli (5 rats, if you know tamil or malayalam) in school in a place like India where nicknames are a fad. but i still regret not having given miriam an indian name and went with my husband’s insistence on a biblical name. 😦

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