In passing

I was walking by the playroom and saw Nik sitting in his pillow-chair, reading books.  As I walked by, he looked up at me and said, “I reading book!”

Me: “I see that…what are you reading?”

Nik: “I read crocodiles!”

Me: “Wow, you are reading a book about crocodiles!”

Nik: “The crocodile eating the man’s shoes!”

That was pretty neat. 

According to autism experts, children on the spectrum rarely share their interests, don’t engage with others, aren’t social.  That social component aspect is incorrect, because I know a lot of ASD children who are extremely social.  The issue isn’t that they aren’t social, it is that they don’t know how to be appropriately social.  Their timing is off, they don’t read body cues well, and they give up easily. 

Nik is social, and appropriately so.  His lack of language and cognitive delays, however, inhibit the formation of deeper friendships (though how deep of a friendship do 3-yr-olds have anyway?!) 

The above incident showed how he saw me, was excited about what he was doing, wanted to share the excitement, and did so effectively.  What more can I ask for?

I can and do ask for a lot. 

But I am learning to be humble before my child.


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