Nursery Rhymes

Nik’s memory has been improving a lot lately.  Or atleast, the expressive component of it.  His memory may have always been good, but since he wasn’t talking, it was hard to know.

He just has to listen to a song/rhyme 3 or 4 times, and he’s got it.  Some of what he’s been singing lately:

In a cabin in the woods

jack and jill

I’ve been trying to find songs and rhymes that involve a lot of hand motions.  Since his fine and gross motor skills are behind as well, training finger and hand movements are important.  He is very resistant to the obvious “Here, do this!” instructions from his tutors, so I looked around for alternatives, where I could sneak the motions in during a fun activity.  Then I shared this with the tutors and they are slowly coming around to the realization that this is working!


One thought on “Nursery Rhymes

  1. grandma’s recipies:
    atta, dough-no not play dough.
    give him chapati maavu, if you know how to knead it, in balls and make him snakes or roll them on the dining table into worm like shapes and get him to cut it into pieces with a plastic knife. chop chop chop kinda play. finger movements also work into this.
    lots of newspaper cut and given to him to scatter and crumple in his hands and feel-big bowls of kidney beans and rice to dig his fingers in-therapeutic i’m told. these are big messy activities and hence easiest for them to like, though not for us to clean up.
    if ever you learnt bharatanatyam it’s easiest to do hand mudras saying deer, snake flower, bee-they love it and great for finger coordination.just lie in the bed and let your fingers do the talking.

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