A blessing in disguise

One of Nik’s ABA tutors asked to be taken off his case.  She said that she couldn’t handle his behaviors and tantrums, and took his rejections personally.  I understood, and I called her to tell her so.  I think she was surprised that I called her, but hopefully that helps her feel better.

It is hard, watching a little boy beat up on you emotionally, run away from you when you walk in the door, wants nothing to do with you and your lessons.  He just doesn’t like her, and can’t be reasoned with, because he is so young.  It’s not like he can pretend or suck it up! 

We really miss his first tutor, B, who was just wonderful.  She and Nik had a great connection, and both Anju and Nik would run to the door when she came over.  She played with him and taught him through play.  She left to go back to college. 

So, now we have one tutor for 3 hours a week.  And that is okay.  I really think he needs a break from the lockstep work, and this is probably a blessing in disguise.


6 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise

  1. it’s easy for them to cut and run when they can’t handle the child.but that brings up the question:would we call a surgeon who ups and runs in the middle of an operation a good professional because he couldn’t handle the blood?
    her loss; nik’s gain in the long run.

    bombaygirl said: yeah, she’s certainly not the most committed tutor out there. She won’t last in this field if she takes everything so personally!

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