My girl

Her favorite….

Disney characters: Nemo and Tee-buh-buh.

Food: bagels, “se-ul“, mango, apples, scrambled eggs (sometimes she eats all of this for breakfast!  At one sitting!) 

Drink: water

Tantrum: “NOOOO!” followed by a stomp of her foot, and a slap on the tabletop, a glare, a pursing of mouth, and then looking away.  Then slowly looking back without moving her head to see if I am still looking at her.  It is all I can do not to laugh.  Another favorite is running and throwing herself at the closest wall, crying loudly, with her hands on either side of her head.  If I ask her what’s wrong, she shakes her head vigorously, saying “No, Mama!” over and over again.  (She gets over these tantrums very quickly.  Usually looks at me, realizes that I am laughing at her, and then starts laughing in return.)

pastime:  twirling her hair and sucking her thumb.
(Nik’s favorite activity is pulling her thumb out of her mouth.  Then she switches both activities to the other hands.)

Night-time ritual: Runs from me when I tell her she has to get in the bath-tub, screams during her bath, suck her thumb during her lotion rub, gives Nik a goodnight kiss and says, “Nigh-Nigh”, gathers her favorite stuffed animals and assorted blankets, hands them to me to put in the crib, says “Up!”, throws herself down on her front, sucks her thumb and twirls her hair while I pull her blankets over her, give her a kiss, fill up her humidifier, turn off her light, wind up her music box (How much is that doggy in the window), say goodnight and close the door.

Other favorites…

Playing Trains with her brother.

Splashing in rain puddles in her boots.

The dogs: watching them eat, sleep, run around outside, giving them her bagels and then saying “Uh-oh!”

Her shoes.

But most of all…

Nik.  She absolutely loves him.  His name is the first word she says when she sees me in the morning.  As in, “Kiki?”  Then, if he isn’t already awake, we have to climb into bed with him and lie down next to him, and then she waits for him to wake up.  She misses him when he goes to his various classes/therapies, and all I have to say is “Let’s go get Nikky” for her to drop whatever she’s doing/holding and run to me. 


2 thoughts on “My girl

  1. Hey,
    You have wonderful kids….loved your post…I could actually feel it. :)…It reminded me of my childhood days with my brother…..

    bombaygirl said: thanks, Rupa. They really are fun.

  2. yr shoes were yr most fav. things. U used to take them to bed with u!

    me: They are still my most favorite things!

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