Time off = good behavior

Nik has been doing so well lately, now that one of his ABA tutors quit, and we have had a couple stress-free mornings.  He is doing better in his social skills class, his regular preschool, and his OT.  All the teachers have mentioned it to me.  This cannot be a coincidence. 

So now my dilemma is this: do I cancel ABA altogether?  If I do, I lose a service that other families are waiting 6 to 12 months for, and what if it will help him in the long run?  But then, its not helping right now, and actually having a negative impact.  So, either I dump it altogether, or I ask them to do a drastically (for them) modified program that is heavy on play.  If they agree to that, it might be worth holding onto. 

Regardless, I told the consultant not to hurry in trying to find a replacement.  We are enjoying the time off.


One thought on “Time off = good behavior

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