I hosted playgroup today.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, a playgroup is a comprised of moms and kids of similar ages (the kids, not the moms) who get together once a week at someone’s house or at a park (in good weather), socialize, eat, drink, and watch the kids play together.  My playgroup meets Friday mornings, and the host provides breakfast, and sometimes a fun activity for the kids (if it lands close to a special day). 

Breakfast this morning was: Coffee, Kiwi-Strawberry juice, cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, chocolate-chip muffins, bagels (poppy seed, plain, and jalepeno) and cream cheese, cheese & broccoli quiche, grapes, oranges, and strawberries.  Juice boxes for the kids, and popcorn, because there is always one kids who won’t eat anything, but popcorn is always a favorite.  As I wrote that, I noticed how carb-heavy the breakfast was!

Toys that I had out: Downstairs, a large fisher-price garage and a box of cars, a huge rescue heroes aquatic rescue center and the action figures and animals, planes, bikes, cop cars.  I also set out Sally, Mater, and Lightening McQueen dress-up costumes (the official disney ones, so they really hold up to all the children tugging at them).  Upstairs, the train set with extra tracks for the kids to add on as they liked, doll houses and the people/animals/furniture, and then all the usual playroom stuff.

But to get to my point of this post, Nik was great!  He played well with the others, got into power struggles and squabbles, stood up for himself, was able to tell the other children what he wanted/didn’t want, and overall was just a typical little boy!!!

An example:
My friend, A and her little boy R had come over first.  R, Nik and Anju were playing with the costumes.  At one point, R wanted the McQueen one, and tried to grab it out of Nik’s hands.  Nik said. “No!  This one is Nikky’s!”  As R looked over at his mother, she said, “Why don’t you take another one, and you can get McQueen when Nik’s done.”  So Nik picked up Sally, completely un-prompted, and took it over to R, and said, “Here.  You’ve got Sally.”  And then went back to his costume.  Of course, R wasn’t happy with that, but the point is, Nik articulated what he wanted, and then gave the other child an option when he heard his mother telling him what to do. 

A and I just looked at each other in shock.  She said that while its been a while since she’s seen Nik, he is like a completely different child. 

I just hugged myself with joy.  I know this may not seem like a lot to most of you, but it is huge in my son’s development. 

I am seriously considering reworking his schedule so that I can take him to playgroup every Friday.  [Currently, he only sees the group when I host, because he has ABA therapy on Friday mornings (and we all know how well that’s going!)  I usually get a sitter for him, and take Anju to the playgroups.]


2 thoughts on “Playgroup

  1. its so heartening to know that nik is doing this well. I know as a mom of a four year old dervish how our hearts soar with every little step forward that these little tykes take. Nik has one of the most pristine faces I’ve ever seen on a child. Am not sure if I used the right word, I guess pure might be more apt but I hope you get what I mean.

  2. dont ask me how i got here…i dont know…but am glad….i will be back for more….. i love the pics… good luck!!

    bombaygirl says: welcome!

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