Whatever works, right?

So I know it’s not good to bribe children to eat, because it causes a lot of food issues down the road. 

I know that.

But if all my son “eats” is pediasure morning, noon, and night, and will only eat food if I bribe him…isn’t that okay?  [You don’t have to answer.]

I bribe him with movies or taped TV shows.  If he takes a bite, I let the movie play.  He has to keep eating, or else I will pause the movie.  [Pausing is good, because the image is still on the screen and it keeps the interest going.  See, mama is thinking!]

He eats more than he normally would, and once I get him started, he’ll usually eat until he’s full. 

So for now, I’m not thinking about the issues down the road.


3 thoughts on “Whatever works, right?

  1. yeah, its okay priya if it gets food down his stubborn throat. When it gets easier thats the time you do a googly on him and get him to sit at the dining table and read a story instead. I still do that to V or else he can be all over the place. BTW, take care, our pause button stopped working once with all that ‘pausing’:-)

    bombaygirl says: Oh, yeah… the “up” button on the remote is kaput, so I have to “page up” and then scroll back down, the battery cover is missing (hmmm…who do you think did that?), the power button seems to have a mind of its own. And this our second remote, since the first one was damaged beyond repair by the dogs. Our entire house seems to be collateral damage!

  2. My mother bribed us all the time. Better yet she used reverse psychology. We were not to big on eating veggies, so she’d cut ’em up and leave a place of fresh veggies on the coffee table while we were watching toons, explicitly telling us that they were not for us but she was just leaving them there. She’d check on us a few moments later and lo and behold we were happily munching away, too unaware of what we were eating because we were so engrossed with the tube.

    bombaygirl says; OH! That’s a GREAT idea. I will do that from now on. I know kids like to graze (my daughter would eat all the time if she could!). Thanks for the tip!

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