The good and the bad

I ended up having a good day yesterday.  Got a lot of phone calls from friends and family.  It was nice to be home and relax with the kids.  Took them to my favorite restaurant (which is closing soon because the locals don’t appreciate good food!) for take-out.  Actually eating there would have been a disaster, because Nik was in a “mood.” 

The not so good:

At one point in the afternoon, the kids went downstairs, and then I heard Anju slip and fall, and then a lot of crying, and then Nik saying: “Oh no, MOM!  A BIG MESS!  MOM! MOM! ” 
So of course, I run down to find a huge puddle of dog pee in the family room, a couple of Nik’s favorite (now in the garbage!) books and toys right in the middle, and Anju off to the side crying.  Aargh.

Another one?  I put the kettle on, and then ran upstairs to get something, and then the phone rang, and it was a friend so I talked for a while, then got on the computer, and then I suddenly remembered the kettle!  I don’t think I have ever run so fast in my life.  Luckily there was still a little water in there boiling away, but boy, was that a scare!  I had visions of the house burning down.  [And yes, the kettle normally would whistle when it’s done, but smart me deactivated the whistle because its too loud.  Yup.  Again with the thinking!]

Oh you want one more?  Okay.  After I give Nik his bath, I refill the tub and he plays in there* while I fill up his humidifier, close his blinds, get his pajamas ready, etc.  So, last night, when I got back to him, he had decided to flood the bathroom.  There was an inch of standing water on the floor. 


Fun times.

(* Yes, I know I shouldn’t leave him in the tub alone, because he could drown.  I am not out of earshot though and he is the loudest child in the bathtub.  He’s always singing, or splashing, or talking, so I listen for that.  I’m in and out of the bathroom anyway, filling the humidifier, etc.)


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