I took Nik for a haircut this morning.  I’m trying to take him more frequently, so that he gets used to the procedure.  I used to take him once every 6 months (or when his hair was so outrageous that I couldn’t ignore it!), but then it was a hair-raising experience (pun intended) every time. 

I found this place that cuts kids’ hair only, in this cute little historic area about 20 minutes from where we live.  I don’t mind the drive, because the experience there is worth it.  They have toys, fun things to look at on the walls, books… Anju has a great time there while she waits. 

I started talking about the haircut the night before, reminding him of the Oswald episode where Henry the Penguin had to get his hair cut.  I brought it up again this morning, and he remembered the lollipop he got last time (yay!). 

When we pulled up to the salon this morning, he recognized it and walked right in.  When the lady said hi, he said, “Hair cut!”  So we wasted no time in leading him to the chair.  He climbed right in and made faces at himself in the mirror.  No fuss when we put the cape on, and then I whipped out my video ipod (preloaded with some of his favorite tv shows!) and he was thrilled!  We dialed up SuperWhy! and barring a few screams and pushing of the stylist’s hand, he was great. 

Both he and Anju got lollipops.  You should have seen her face when she saw what it was…it was her first time trying one (yes, I deprive her so much). 

I did what I had to: gave him enough forewarning, took distractions, and didn’t stress out.  And it worked! 

Take that, ABA tutors!


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