Irish greetings to you!

Since my kids are part Irish (not quite sure what miniscule percentage), we are “celebrating” St. Paddy’s Day today.  Even though the Catholic Church wanted to move the celebrations to last Friday, the 14th, so that good Catholics wouldn’t get drunk during their holy week leading up to Easter.  Pah! 

Of course, our celebrating, now that we have two little ones, is really all food related, with no green beer in sight.  Also, unless you are in Ireland, the next best place to celebrate is Chicago.  Where we live now is no comparison.  While I don’t regret the move, and I certainly don’t miss the weather, I do miss the high energy.  Those Chicagoans can sure party!  Spring/Summer/Fall is the best time to be in Chicago, with all the fun festivals and concerts, and outdoor activities.   

One other thing I miss today: seeing the Chicago River, Irish green for the day.

Tim Boyle / Getty Images file

The green color is arrived at by using a combination of various vegetable dyes.  The environmentalists got their way back in the 1960s…thank goodness!  Check out the “official” Green Chicago River story


3 thoughts on “Irish greetings to you!

  1. Please tell me that whatever they use to make it literally green is also figuratively (environmentally) “green.”

    bombaygirl says: Yup! Thanks for the question…I updated the post!

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