Spring Fun

We’ve been having a fun few days, enjoying the warm weather, before the flies and pesky bugs show up.  We cleaned out the patio, set up the sand & water table, garden toys, and I have a handyman coming over in the next couple days to fix the swing set (it is leaning precariously to the right.  And Nik doesn’t seem to understand that it isn’t safe.  But then what kid would?) 

We have had a playhouse in the garden for a couple years now, but last summer, Anju was too young to really notice/get it.  When we went into the garden to get it ready for play, she saw the house, squeaked, ran over to it and was busy inside for a good 10 minutes.  Then of course, Nik had to run over and play as well.  It was really cute, seeing them in there, talking to each other, playing house.

We went to the local Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  Anju was all dolled up in an adorable dress, and in her red shoes.  Nik wanted nothing to do with his dress shirt and vest, so he went in his regular shorts/tee.  Oh well.  Its not like he wanted to sit with the Easter Bunny for pictures anyway!


Talking about the Easter Bunny…he showed up in a golf cart which was converted into a helicopter, with two men in front and two behind, guiding him in with those airport navigating thingies.  Very cute.  We got in line to take photos with him.  Anju was totally fine, until it was our turn.  As I held her up for the Bunny to take her, she screamed, did a 180 turn in my hands, and leapt onto me, clinging to my neck like that creature from Alien .  The Bunny handler (!) then took my camera and took a photo of us.  As long as I was holding her and sitting between her and the buuny, she was fine.  There was a lot of vigorous thumb-sucking and hair-twirling going on though!

These are pictures from our Friday playgroup egg hunt:



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