New schedule

So, I stopped Nik’s ABA sessions.  Our new schedule is:

Mon: preschool and social skills
Tues: preschool and speech
Wed: preschool, social skills, and occupational therapy
Thu: speech
Fri: friends playgroup and social skills

Nik will be trying out a montessori program for the summer, starting in June.  In August, if he is doing well enough, I will keep him there.  Otherwise, his current preschool teacher is opening a new kids’ education franchise.  He is guaranteed a spot there, if I want him to go.

So we will have an easier summer this time around!


4 thoughts on “New schedule

  1. Hi, guess we are all on the same boat. I take Ash for occupational and speech therapy for his attention deficit prob. 🙂

    me: Isn’t that something? I hope it goes well for Ash…

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