Strong will

So my son hates me. 

When I go to pick him up from preschool, or the social skills class, he screams at the sight of me, “NOOO!” and “Go AWAY, Mom!” and if he’s close enough he will push me.  And he’s pretty strong when he’s mad. 

He’s picked up some choice words too.  Oh yeah.  So not my fault, of course.  I was under the delusion that since he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t hear.  Or pick up on what I was saying.  Like the curse words.  The f-bombs. 

The other day, when he got frustrated at something, he said: “Hell.  F*cking Hell.”

Oh yeah.

I thought I had a few more years before this stage.  But here it is.

And then there is the constant needling of his sister, combined with the over-protectiveness: “She’s eating the toys again” and “LOOK at her!  Look at her!” and “No, Anjali, that’s MINE!”

All of this combined with her screaming her head off at the slightest touch, makes for a real fun time.

(Where’s that drink…?)


One thought on “Strong will

  1. LOL! I have people warning me that my son will pick up the F word soon. funnily he hasn’t considering how frequently its used around here!

    me: He’s probably smart enough to know that’s a word he shouldn’t be using! My son knows it too, I think, because I will hear him mutter it under his breath, but then play dumb when I ask him what he’s saying.

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