Money money money

We need it. 

So I dusted off my suits and dress shoes and went to a recruiter interview this morning.  It has been 2 years since I worked in the corporate world, and 5 years since I worked full-time. 

So the recruiter asked for my reasons for the break in my career and I responded with the usual “took time off to have kids.”

And then she asked: “So are you going to have any more?”

A long pause.  Then I said, “No, I don’t think so.  I have a boy and a girl, so…”

She must have realized her faux pas, because she then quickly talked about her little boy, and how she and her husband just bought a new house, and so she was ready to start trying for another child soon. 

Because somehow revealing her personal life made it okay for her to ask about mine.  I’ve been around long enough and interviewed enough people to know that what she asked was a big no-no.

Oh well.


1 thought on “Money money money

  1. still havent the guts to dust off my workwear and do fulltime. part time is driving me nuts. and i didnt know that was a no-no question. that seems to be perfectly acceptable in india. ALL employers not just ask you, but TELL you, that they don’t want you taking maternity leave anytime soon.

    me: Big no-no asking any sort of personal questions. I’ve sat through several HR sessions where we’ve has all this thrust down our throats. The company could get sued by the prospective employee if they perceived any sort of discrimination, expecially if they don’t get hired.

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