I’ve signed Nik and Anju up for swim lessons starting May 27, 2 times a week, for 4 weeks.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted Anju to go this time, since she is still so young, and since it is a bit spendy, and if she is too resistant, I might stop it for her.  But Nik really needs lessons in water safety, coz a lot of our friends have pools and I plan on taking them to the community pool a lot this summer.  Having one of them be water safe makes it a lot easier!

I’ve been talking it up to him.  I have to do that, so that he gets used to the idea and won’t be so resistant.  But he never fails to surprise me…

me: Hey Nik, do you want to go swimming this summer?

Nik: I want to swim? [tends to answer on an upnote, when he thinks I want a certain answer]

me: do you want to go swimming?

Nik: I swim! [he then points out the window] In the backYARD!

me: Really? You do?

Nik: I swim in the backyard with ANNA!

me: ….

Nik: and Nick!

me: ….

Last year, I think in May, we had set up an inflatable pool on the lawn, and Nik had fun hanging out in it one morning with his friends Nick and Anna. 

Last May. 

When he wasn’t really talking at all. 

But filing away memories.


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