Parties and ponies

I took the kids to Nik’s friend’s 4th birthday party.  She had ponies there for the kids to ride, and finally, right before the ponies left, the birthday girl’s dad was able to get Nik onto a pony.  It was under the guise of saying goodbye, but once he got him close enough to the animal, he asked Nik if he wanted to ride it.  And Nik said “Okay?”

That was all Steven needed and he swung Nik up onto the horse and away they went, for two laps around the little park!


Once he got off, Steven made him pet the pony and say thank you, which he did, ever so sweetly.

This is how Anju looked when I asked her if she wanted to get on as well.

Nik loves babies…he spent much of the time at the party entertaining this little one.

A couple days later, Pete was asking him about the party, and asked him what the horse’s name was. 


And he was right.


2 thoughts on “Parties and ponies

  1. Spunky is the name for the pony’s rider too. Great pictures.

    me: Thanks, maami! The birthday girl’s mom took them all. Because as usual, I forgot my camera at home.

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