Mother’s Day redux

We had a fun and relaxing day today.  Going with my new attitude regarding expectations, I decided to make reservations for brunch, instead of waiting for Pete to do it, and then get upset when he failed to!  We set the timer, got ready, got the kids ready and were there on time.  The kids had a great time: Nik had pancakes with chocolate sauce, and creme brulee french toast; Anju had a little bit of everything- omlette with bacon/spinach/mushrooms, sausage, strawberries, french toast, crepes with berries, pancakes, pineapple, carrot cake, lemon bar, almond croissant.  You name it, she ate it.  Her little belly was so full, she fell asleep in the car on the way home. 

And it was a 5 minute car ride.

We went to the little shopping center near our house, which is beautifully laid out with a large pond, fountains, lots of peaceful seating…very picturesque. 


There was a local art and wine fair going on, and after taking some pictures, we wandered through the fair.  Pete bought me a really beautiful aquatic life necklace made with artisan glass and austrian crystals necklace that caught my eye.  (The artist was really sweet and I took her information, in case some of my friends are interested!)

Then back home, where the boys watched “the robots” while Anju took a nap.

A nice day.


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