Study in Chalk

He said he wanted to draw a beaver.  Then he said: “Lets draw some feet.”

And he did.

We’ll have to work on the standard number of feet for animals.  Seven feet seem a little too many.

I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Study in Chalk

  1. Well excuse me. He’s quite the artist because I won’t even get as far as he has. But I do agree, 7 feet is too many.

    I logged into my Reader today and saw you have TEN new posts. You’ve been busy…

    me: That is how I operate…feast or famine!

  2. Hi,

    We are Iyers from Pallakad too! As close as it can get! 🙂
    Any more drawings from Nick that we can sample?

    me: They come few and far between…he’s a very tempermental artist! 😉 You could check the Artist In Residence post over on the right, under my favorite posts section, if you need something to hold you over!

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