A day from H E double hockeysticks


I’d like a do-over please.

Only with more sleep before the do-over part?

Anju was sick all day today too.  More throwing up, not interested in eating, completely not interested in pedialyte, barely drank any water, and then more throwing up.  Aren’t you glad you stopped by to read that?

Also?  The AC conked out.  It was the first day this year that I turned it on, and the fan was whirring busily away, but no blessed coolness.  I noticed it, but didn’t really notice it, if you know what I mean.  Beacause I was busy with the girl, and the boy was being a complete pill. 

So finally, around 5:45, Nik calls to me from the window: “MOM!  Oh NO! The umbrella fell down!”  One of our patio umbrellas was leaning quite unnaturally over.  So, I went out there, with the kids following (yes, even Anju, because when she’s not feeling well, she becomes even more of a velcro child) and tried to fix the darn thing.  Finally, I just pulled the whole thing apart and left it lying on the ground, because I noticed, in the time that I was out there, that THE AC UNIT WAS NOT MAKING ANY NOISE!

And normally?  That AC is the noisiest thing around.  (Until you go next door and hear theirs.)

So, after my pathetic attempts at trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, I called around and got a service guy who could fix it this evening.  Very important.  The inside temperature was 89 degrees.  No wonder Anju was a hot sweaty little bundle!

Now, as I write this, I have cool air wafting down on me.  The kids are sleeping peacefully with the fans going as well as the AC.

And I have so much to do yet before I can call it a night. 



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