Just call us

the neighborhood petri dish.

Anju got better Friday night.  Nik & I got sick Friday night.  We were both up all night, and after having to change his sheets once, we decided to sleep on towels on the floor.  Easier to clean up.

Nik recovered quickly on Saturday, and the two of them are out to breakfast with Pete.  I, on the other hand, still feel like crap, and am staying in.

But atleast the air conditioning is working!


3 thoughts on “Just call us

  1. Oh boy! Thats pretty tough with all of you getting sick one after another! And when kids get unwell, its the toughest – mentally as well as physically!

    Hope you all get well real soon!

    me: thank you. We are all better now. Anju is eating like a horse again!

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