Just so happy that Indiana Jones is back in town.  Or Eon Jones as Nik would call him.  It’s gotten so that he just has to hear a snippet of the soundtrack from the trailers and he’s jumping up and down, shouting “Eon Jones, Eon JONES, mom!”

We may take him to see it this weekend.

On the birthday front, I put together and mailed out 14 message-in-a-bottle invitations to Nik’s “Pirate Ship” birthday party in a few weeks.  Received a couple of rsvps from moms recounting just how thrilled their kids were to get mail that was 1) addressed to them, and 2) contained a secret message in a bottle.  With sand.  That they then proceeded to shake out around the room.  [Sorry!]

I’ve been putting together my master list for the big day.  What…don’t you have a multi-tabbed excel spreadsheet to keep track of your kids’ birthday party?!

I have tabs for Budget (ha!), guests (invitees, attending or not, how may siblings, parents attending), favors (with columns going across for what goes in each favor bag, summed at the bottom by # of items and cost per bag).  And so on. 

Yes.  I am an accountant. 

Not proud of it. 

But this is how I keep the chaos at bay.


One thought on “Back

  1. How exciting…How do I get one of those snazzy invites?

    m: Doesn’t it sound like fun? I’ll post a pic of the invite soon!

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