As I have mentioned (frequently), Nik is an extremely picky eater.

This morning, I made scrambled eggs and toast for myself and Anju, and pancakes for Nik.  The pancakes came first because I was just defrosting a couple from a batch I made earlier in the week.  Of course, Anju had to have a pancake to hold her over until the eggs were ready.

I usually season the eggs with salt and pepper at the table (because Pete takes pepper not salt, I take LOTS of salt and a little pepper, Anju takes a little salt and little pepper…you get the idea).  Nik watched as I seasoned our eggs.  Then asked:”I want pepper, mom!”

me: “I can’t put pepper on your pancakes Nik.  It won’t taste very good.”

Nik: (after thinking for a bit) “I want pepper on eggs, mom”

Me: (rushing to get a plate and pile some eggs on it) “Would you like some eggs with pepper too?”

Nik: “Yes, mom.”

Then, after taking a bite of the eggs, “Mmmmm.  These are YUMMY, mom!  I LIKE eggs with pepper!”

I like that he likes eggs with pepper too!


1 thought on “Mmm…eggs!

  1. I totally understand how happy you feel when your child tells he likes something to eat. When booboo eats his bowlful of food for dinner, i feel as if i ate the whole thing and need no food.

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