A nice week off

The last week was spent with my sister and her husband who were visiting from the east coast.  It was so nice, beacuse 1) she cooked every meal we ate at home (excluding breakfast) and 2) we didn’t fight(!), and 3) Nik and Anju got to spend a lot of time with them.

Anju was interesting, blowing hot and cold with them.  Every morning she would go downstairs and then run scared when she saw her uncle.  It would take all day for her to warm up to them, and was very loving right before bedtime.  Then the next morning, it was a replay of the day before. 

50 First Dates, anyone?

Nik loved his Until K___ and Auntil D___.  Try as we did, we could not get him to say it right without some serious prompting.  Oh well.

Other great notes…

Nik has not worn a diaper since the Friday before memorial day.  He has had a few accidents, but has been very conscientious overall about getting to the toilet on time.  He’s even going to the toilet on his own, without prompting, a couple times during the day. 

Preschool at the montessori is going VERY well!  He has acclimated to their routines, with only one or two hiccups. 


1 thought on “A nice week off

  1. My daughter is also like that. We had guests over the weekend, and in the morning she would keep off them and by night she was jumping all over them. 🙂

    me: Glad to know that others share in the joy! I thought I had the tough cookie!

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