Piece of cake!

Took the kids to the salon to get Nik a haircut.  He was so ready…ran to the door of the salon when we got there, tried to open it, and when he couldn’t, shouted out:”It’s me, Cindy, It’s me, Nikky!”

Once inside, he waited patiently until she was ready for him, then ran over to the chair, climbed in, grabbed a buzz lightyear toy, let her put the cape on, and away she went…I don’t think I needed to pull out the video ipod, but I did, just in case.

He just fidgeted once, when she was using the clippers around his ears (but then, so would I!).  Both he and Anju got lollies for being such good kids.

It seems to just get better every time we go.  I’m so happy.

By the way, she spiked his hair into a faux-hawk.  Super cute.

On the way home, he said:”We need to find a coffee shop so I can read.”

??? So I said, really intelligent-like, “What?”

“I need to get some coffee.”


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