New Bedding


She said:”My girl bed!”

Nik said:”MY BED!  This is MY ROOM!”

And then when I reminded him that his room was next door: “My pirate bed is OLD!” [followed by a pout]

And so it begins.



3 thoughts on “New Bedding

  1. beautiful! so she sleeps on her own, without mama?

    me: yeah, she’s been sleeping on her own since she was 4 months old. First in the crib, and now the bed. She’s always been really easy to put down for the night!

  2. Haha! That totally reminds me of my childhood days only my younger brother was the whiner!

    me: too funny. I don’t want to say who the whiner was in our family, because she reads the blog too! 😉 [Hi sis!]

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