Wipe and drop

Prizes all around to those who can guess the subject matter of this post!

My brother-in-law offered to watch Nik (not Anju, since she is so unpredictable!) while my sister, Anju and I went over to a friend’s house for a bit.  Within a half hour of us being gone, my sister started receiving a series of frantic phone calls, asking when we were coming back.  No real reason was given.

When we got home, my brother-in-law said, “I didn’t know that Nikky didn’t know how to clean his bum!”

I had completely forgotten about Nik possibly wanting to go to the bathroom while I was gone!

This is how it went down… Nik said he wanted to go, and all was good.  Then K realized that he was going poops.  After he was done, K handed him some toilet paper, and Nik took it and dropped it in the toilet.  K handed him some more toilet paper, and Nik dropped it in the toilet.

K quickly figured out that Nik had no idea what to do! 

And manned up and taught his nephew how to wipe and drop, and repeat until there was no more stuff on the paper.

Fun times.

Also, good training for later.


3 thoughts on “Wipe and drop

  1. LOL!

    So cute. I am sure u’re happy as u didn’t have to do the dirty job. And the plus is, you get a child already trained!


    me: no kidding…right?

  2. That’s so cute!
    I just started training my little one how to wipe. He is very interested in doing it on his own and a few days back I was thinking how will I teach him that 🙂

    Now, I don’t have any clue how to start night time potty training 🙂 I am hoping he will just go for it one day!!

    me: The first couple of nights of toilet training, I let him sleep with underpants, and woke up to sopping wet sheets. After doing laundry all weekend, I decided to let him sleep in pull-ups. Once I see that he is consistently having dry pull-ups in the morning, I will go back to the underpants! No rush!

  3. Haha

    My cousin (when she was 3) would sing when she was done pooping. Only I wasn’t paying attention to what she was singing and banging to with her plastic baseball bat on the bathroom floor. 5 minutes later I pay attention and this what she’s been saying:
    Ms Cute Pants, come. Wash my bum.
    Ms Cute Pants, come. Wash my bum.
    Ms Cute Pants, come. Wash my bum.
    Ms Cute Pants, come. Wash my bum.
    Ms Cute Pants, come. Wash my bum.

    me: That is freaking hysterical.

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