Fist pump

For those who have been following my son’s ABA saga… join me in a fist pump, please! 

A girlfriend, whose son has also been receiving ABA from the same vendor, and who has also decided to stop receiving the service at the end of this month, told me some heartening info this morning. 

Let me back up…the tutor who fired Nik is also my girlfriend’s son’s tutor.  Apparently her son is not quite as much of a handful as mine, so she didn’t fire him!  In one of life’s funny coincidences, this tutor also shadows a client (a little boy with autism) at Nik’s preschool.  The school that Nik just started going to on June 2.  I ran into her at drop-off one morning and was a little taken aback to see her, and then remembered that my friend had mentioned this to me.

Anyway, the tutor told my friend today that she was so impressed with Nik, and that he was so obedient and did everything the teachers asked of him and that she was amazed.  My friend just nodded and agreed.  The tutor’s supervisor, who was present at this conversation said, “Well, that’s typical, they are always different when the parents aren’t around.”  My friend just smiled.

Really?  They perform well for the teachers and not the parents?  I’ve heard that about neurotypical kids, but definitely not about autistic children!  If that were the case, why would we have aides shadowing them around the classroom, and why would we need special ed classes, etc.?  Hmmm.  I’m not saying that Nik is neurotypical, but to dismiss his compliance (one of their annoying words) in school as nothing much…makes my blood boil.

Sour grapes, much?



3 thoughts on “Fist pump

  1. Ugh. I mean, not you. Her.

    First of all… it was really unprofessional of this tutor to talk to one of her current clients about a former client’s child.

    Second of all… I only know about ASDs from the books, but I wouldn’t think that a child with autism would behave any more differently around teachers than a child without autism. In fact, I would think the opposite would be more likely. It’s late, so I hope that made sense.

    me: Oh I agree, the tutor and her supervisor too…wrong on so many levels. I think I understand what you are saying. Nik treats his teachers with more respect, in front of me, in a way that he never did with his aba tutors. That is a function of the way his teachers treat him…with respect and with attention to his needs. The aba tutors talked to him like he was an idiot, and talked over his protestations and basically ignored his needs/desires. So they got the same back, in spades.

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