Little bits of information

[As we drove home from preschool, we had the following conversation.]

Me: Nik, do you like Isabella? (a little girl at his school…just the prettiest little girl with the longest lashes I’ve ever seen)
Nik: Yeah.  I like Isabella.  She’s a little girl. (coz you know, he’s such a giant!)
Me: Is she your friend?
Nik: Yeah.  She’s my friend.
[a 5 second pause]
Nik: And Logan?  He’s my friend too.  He’s a little boy.

[A little later]

Me: What did you do at school today?
Nik: Ummm, I did a job today!
Me: Oh yeah?  What was your job?
Nik: I did a job at the turtle! (So now I have to find out what job involves a  turtle! UPDATE: found it! )

[Driving home from social skills, another conversation.]

Me: Did you have fun today?
Nik: I had fun!  I played at the water table!
Anju: I play aa-uh wahwee taybuh! (Uhhh, she did not.  She just likes to say she did whatever Nik did!)
Nik: Hamid got hurt.  Hamid got hurt at the water table.  He has to go home.
Anju: Hami got owie!  Hami ged bandi on!  Hami ged owie aa-uh wahwee taybuh! (got that?)
Nik: I mean to Hamid.  Nik was mean to Hamid. 
Me: Did you hurt Hamid?
Nik: Yeah.  I a MEAN boy. 
Anju: Hami need-uh ged bandi on!  Ummm, Ah-ee need bandi. *sob* (she worked herself up into thinking she needed a bandaid.  Dear lord.)

[Legend for Anju-speak:
aa-uh = at the
wahwee = water
taybuh = table
ged = get
bandi = bandaid
Ah-ee = Anjali  ]


4 thoughts on “Little bits of information

  1. What an amazing conversation.
    Wow what an actress Anjali is!!!

    me: you thought I was bad…this one is going to be a handful and then some!

  2. Thats really cute. Kids drive me up a wall most times but they’re cute at other times! 🙂

    me: the cuteness is their saving grace…once that’s gone, all bets are off!

  3. Thats so cute! Don’t you just wonder what they do at school and how much is true and how is their imagination!!
    Anju sure seems to be a big drama queen!!

    me: I know…that’s why I started talking to him about his day right from the beginning, just so he would be used to telling me stuff. It also helps with his memory…since he’s not the best talker, repitition and prompting hopefully helps him remember his day and be more conscious of his activities while he’s doing them. Because he will have his mama asking him later! Oh and Anju…hands down the biggest actress there is under two! Nik’s not too shabby either.

  4. Your kids are hilarious! I love reading conversations like this.

    me: you know what’s even funnier? I’m not sure if its clear from what I wrote, but Anju doesn’t attend Nik’s social skills class. She is just there, with me, to drop off and pick up. But she still thinks she goes to the program, and acts like all the teachers are hers. So her little drama about Hamid was totally just taking Nik’s statements and running with them!

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